Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Survive and Thrive Emails: Ca to Reno

Hey G4T, Thank you for the inspiration! Like you I along with some 200 of us were laid off when my loan company decided to close in California. I set deadlines for when I would have work, when the typical couple of days to a few weeks for finding a replacement position did not materialize since ALL of my industry contacts were 'in the hole' with me I laid out additional deadlines along with a huge self promotional effort that effectively burned out my printer. When odd jobs and my husband's small pension were soon going to be eclipsed by an imminent hike in our rental that used to comprise just under one third of our combined income we decided to do something really odd and maybe this will help others to find an affordable place to stay until things improve. I went to google and started keying in phrases such as 'rent $300' or 'rent $500' etc. along with States starting with the Western ones thinking that if we didn't find anything within California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona or Texas we might end up as far as Oklahoma where husband's relatives are. Well, long story short, we moved from the Bay Area to Reno, Nevada and found a place for a mere $400 per month that includes utilities, water, garbage and security, plus we're right near all major shopping and first class entertainment and events if we want it. The best part? we look at it this way, it's an 'extended vacation' from the madness and while we're having fun limited only by husband's small Veteran's pension it will be temporary until we finalize business plans that are completely unrelated to my prior career path so I hope our ideas help somebody out there looking for a change from a very expensive place such as the Bay Area or perhaps the East Coast for example to a dramatically less expensive place for a locum tenens.

Good luck and keep up the good work!

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