Monday, June 20, 2011

Disabled Truck Driver Tells His Story of Economic Collapse

Mentally challenging world.

G4T recently the worst I felt mentally was when my brother in law (who I thought was trying to be my friend after 11years of marriage to his sister) says to my wife (where I ,hard of hearing can hear his words clearly) "when are you going to delete him?" Causing my wife to go into defense mode defending me.

I have lived my life by work first,I bought all my own clothes from age 12 up I would hustle my money I cut yards made enough money that I even helped my mother with the bills in our home there was no job I went door to door every house I saw that had high grass. All the years of hard labor I have committed to anything I did either building houses working in concrete. As a driver I did not have to help people with their concrete work I put on gloves and aided because of the hard work ethic instilled in my American fiber. All the billions of people my labor had benefited. I have done work for the space agency my work has been witnessed literally by billions of people every time we had a shuttle launch I had worked on.

I had a tornado break my back after working for 3 weeks straight( they called it an act of God) I survived massive surgery recovery painful rehabilitation and returned to work( could have requested disability then and got it on the spot but I was better than that my pride would not allow this) then had knee injured another surgery painful recovery and back to work then 2 years later a big rig backed into my dump truck( again not my fault) another injury at this point I literally feet as if I am running out of areas of my body without pain.

See after one on the job injury and surgery you are discriminated against they view you as the enemy even though you have literally saved millions of dollars for corporations saved lives by stopping the bleeding with your very hands. I have saved the lives of police and others when stopping to clear situations others were just driving by situations I could have lost my life in an instant. I have had police throw me the keys to their car telling me to get flares out in that trunk was all the firepower a cop keeps in there. Anybody else would have been in the news as the biggest hero but a trucker we receive all the scorn of a homeless drug addicted man never did drugs as a trucker tested too much to risk my reputation. We work so much we rarely appear presentable , because by the time we get back to our barber we need another makeover not just a haircut. We also lack representation because when it comes time to vote we are off working hardly allowed to participate in the decisions of this nation even though this nation could not even wipe their ass if it were not for our work. I wanted to do all I could to turn around the bad image truckers but it was never to be, just as one that is homeless no matter the reason they are scorned the same is the social class of a trucker. I call it vocational discrimination.

Now I have this man testing me to no end I wanted to beat him but I know my outcome would be attempted suicide had I rose from my chair and turned to him to seek retribution with my injuries he would have caused me such pain I would never recover from it. I had a gun on my person and for the first time I wanted to shoot someone but I know better than shooting anyone, that is not why I carry a gun it is for criminals that are in the act of causing harm to others only,but I felt like I was attacked as if someone had taken a weapon and plunged it into my back twisted then twisted again in the opposite direction.

Never had someone struck a nerve such as he at that very moment because it was so heartless as if he were saying forget the fact this man (me) had overcome such adversity made good money shared every cent every bit of my energy in a last ditch effort to protect our family from the elements. I was working for the money for a concrete dome home the only home affordable that can survive the strongest tornado. And here is this man talking about me as if I were invisible. He was just 5 yards behind me as we watch my daughter play a softball game. A game I don't even want be at because of the pain I suffer in the absence of my recliner. But I attend because my daughter feels better that I go and cheer for her my wife feels like she is truly married not a woman with a disabled room mate. It seemed the harder I worked the more things occurred to cause me pain in turn I had ever more difficulty seeking vocation with a tolerable pain level and decent earning potential.

The last job I had that could potentially provide me with a wage $12hour was a bus driving job for a city transit type setting at LSU This job would have decent hours clean work. Just to get this job required me to go through multiple interviews doctor visits weeks of classroom and a flawless criminal record this is a very difficult job to land.I had a 10 hour proving ground left to cover it was to be split into 2 days I was to drive 5 hours under direction of a judge another day I was to drive the other 5 same way.

(As I was driving through the first 5 hours) The injury that had surfaced after the 18 wheeler struck me had begun to cause so much pain in my upper back that breathing was so painful I was taking shallow breaths. I felt so defeated inside I was melting in tears as if the darkest shadow had shaded me I felt cold I needed this job I wanted this job and now I am going to loose it on the last 10 hours of orientation. I felt the life draining out of me my manhood just eroding with every painful shallow breath I took. When I got to my car I broke down in tears ashamed to go home.

Embarrassed that I could not drive a 5 hour session when in the past I would leave Denver Co. with a fully loaded tractor trailer and 24 hours later pull up in LaCa like I all I needed was a shower and a 10 hour nap to turn around and do it the exact same way. I have had days where I had 36 hour shifts where I drove and handled business for over 3 days no rest no drugs not even food. What drove me was a commitment to succeed no matter what was thrown my way I was going to win I was going to prove that I am the man you need in your employ. To have this prick that has NEVER undergone such a proving ground say words so painful he might as well lowered a sledge hammer to my back I feltas if it were my duty to slam this conceded bald headed prick into the pavement.

I now avoid my brother in law not just for my benefit but mostly for his safety. I now avoid my mother in law too. All dark people are avoided they are toxic when I get toxic comments on YT I banish that person I can take criticism but comments that are only made to be ugly are not tolerated.

Mother in law needed a car not even a week after brother in law sent my blood to boil like a jar of liquid oxygen set in the summer sun. Her car broke recently and she would need a ride to the nearest rental agency 40 miles away my wife asked me if she could offer my 06 scion XB that is flawless never been smoked in less than 25K miles on it still has factory tires on it. I tell her sure let her use it just tell her not to smoke in it I stressed this to her that by no means did I want my air conditioner to recycle smoked up air through its fan and vents. I want to be able to tell someone should I ever need to sell it that it never had been smoked in. When I get my car 3 days later it reeks of smoke like a bar room slut. I felt so angered so disrespected I became angry beyond my limits I could not be in her presence how could someone be so disrespectful so mean ! Knowing that I dislike smoke smell so much that when I drive up to the drive through window at New Orleans Daiquiris to get daiquiris I keep my car 8 ft away from the building and step out side my car to prevent the smoking air to contaminate my car when they open the window to hand me the drinks.

I am very vernerable right now the slightest thing can cause my self worth to deteriorate to suicide I know this I know people are counting on me to live because this world is so cruel that I with all my flaws am the best thing they have for inspiration and comfort.
They really need you George they need you to be there even if it is for one small chat on the phone for encouragement or to listen to their story they need you we have to be there for them not for us but for them.

Feeling Lost

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Curing Cancer With GERSON THERAPY

if you want to improve your health and get rid of your need to rely on the medical industry who would like to keep you ill, just look up GERSON THERAPY on youtube. I recommend detoxifying using this method. It is basically apple/carrot juice on the hour daily with coffee enemas daily. ...however read up on it for proper protocals before doing it. You will SAVE money on groceries, your family will be healthy, and you will live to 120 years of age. Plus, you will feel great and no longer be supporting Montesanto and other ruthless corporations. With the money you save, you can grow an urban garden and eliminate the need to drive your car to the supermarket. Your children will have lifelong positive health impacts as their bodies are forming their future health impact.

If you can't get the Norwalk juicer, get a Champion one and a press (about 700 total for both).

I don't even want to get you into knowing how messed up the medical corporations are and how invested they are in keeping you unhealthy. Corporations rule. Too bad both political parties will just put someone in power who is a puppet for the corporations.

If you wonder about protein and meat eating issues, just check out THE CHINA STUDY...the most comprehensive study on nutrition ever and its implications on what an economy would look like if everyone ate for their health. (meat,& dairy industries would be wiped out). You can find the book on Amazon. Eating a vegan diet according to this study will also reverse heart disease.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Kitco Offices Raided for $188 Million By Government Authorities

G4T Emails: Gold Rush Coming!

I never even thought of this one... know California, Iowa, and Arizona do have raw gold, all over the place, right? The "Gold Rush" never did end, people just ran out of places to do it as the land speculators came in, and towns like LA, Phoenix and others boomed, and busted others out.

In fact, Cali and AZ had hellacious silver booms and busts.

You might mention to Royal Metals that if they setup a fairly good "system" with fair pricing, they probably could pull in a bit of the "raw gold".

Now, mind you, you would end up with pickers, fines, nuggets, and chunks of gold locked up in quartz, most of which people hoard up, and try to hawk WAY over what it is worth (generally called "specimen value"...same as "rare numismatic value", just another made-up game on another higher level).

But yes indeed, Georgia had the countries FIRST gold rush, followed by others, Arkansa had a DIAMOND rush (yep...true, almost as big as your fist), along with all manners of "rushes".

You CANNOT treat it as "scrap" though, at least...I wouldn't think so, not without some backlash from the "specialists" in the raw gold fields.

Less and less people do that all the time, and it is a dying art anyway (panning, dredging, highbanking, sluicing, rocker-boxing, dry-washing, hard-rock...take your pick). Hell...PANNING is as old as time itself, in Africa...they don't even do PANS (they don't have the money!).

What they do, is dig a vertical shaft about 10' deep, and pan with their T-SHIRTS! HA! They only keep the pickers and nuggets! Problem is, a vertical shaft that deep with no supports, near a river bank? Instant death when they collapse, and they do all the time.

You might try it one day yourself (no, not T-Shirt Panning!), for the hell of it.
It can be fun, and somewhat frustrating, finding a good spot. But creeks are known producers, washing gold down EVERY DAY (yes...every day). In Cali, the nuggets were as big as 'taters, you could just walk down the creek beds and pick them up.

I have seen one from AZ that was as big as my fist, gold veins shot all through a chunk of quarts, a little over FORTY (40) OUNCES. A sight to see, and the lady tripped over it going INTO the claim, near a fence post, and just happened to look at it really close. Probably 300 people had passed it by for upteen years....think on THAT one.

I have dredged in North Caroline, and high-banked in Georgia (September 11th...I was out in a creek high-banking...dude comes by and says, "Hey man, I heard your pump, did you hear!? Planes just hit some buildings in New York!"). That was out at the Loud Mine in Georgia.

I have seen (at least on video), and heard, that Alaska is THE place. I won't ever go, to hell with Alaska, but they "beach box" (special box), right there next to the ocean. I have HEARD that you can pull upwards to THREE (3) ounces a day out of FINES (gold "dust" is what you would call it). But that is some work, and the climate SUCKS.

What with the boom in "industrial" gold removal and mining...the little guy quit when everything became "civilized", and they ran out of spaces to go.
Plus, they started shutting down the "stamp mills" to the public, who would bring in material to be run, for LARGE assays (of private mines, etc.). You ain't NEVER seen anything until you seen a GIGANTIC stamp mill pounding away on rock, smashing it up, to be worked out.

Even here, in Oklahoma, I have found gold. Just a few specks, but it IS everywhere underneath you, right now. The trick is, how DEEP you have to go to get to it (just like our old coal mines, that quit in the late 20's).

I have seen people whoop and holler like they were having spastic FITS when they hit a small strike, you wouldn't imagine the like!

Trust me, pulling a 1/4 ounce is $375 spot, or close to it. Royal Metals might consider looking into it, and the day I make over $75 is pretty damned good as it is, I don't know ANYONE that would bitch about making $375 a day! (Well...unless they make $400 behind a desk...)

So...the money may be in "Gold Bullion", or "Gold Coins", but trust me when I say, it ain't nowhere near as fun as finding it so it can BECOME gold coins, or gold bullion. Just think, they used to trade gold dust straight across to a gold company, or an assayer, or even shopkeeps that kept scales. That day might be coming back pretty damned soon, G4T.

One more thing (Ron90 would know "where" to try this)-
In LA, I have seen one dude, and heard of others, working the BIG highway culverts, and storm drain runoff's, where the water will bring fines into the pipes, and it will drop into the culvert "ripples" (just like the chinese riffles in a gold pan). They swear and be damned you CAN indeed find gold out there still to this day doing that. Not a lot mind you, but then again, not everyone is looking, and most everyone has forgotten it ever existed "raw" as it is.

They think you drive a D8 or a Track-Hoe around, and it magically appears in gold coin or bullion. Ha!

Good luck, G4T, and try some gold panning for the hell of it one day, you will even enjoy it. You might be the next man to find a private strike of a few ounces, and never tell anyone! (That's how it is SUPPOSED to be!)