Friday, September 24, 2010

Extreme Solutions to The Housing Nightmare

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  1. Hello George

    Good video and right to the point. Just want to add, that I have been living in my rv for 15 years now. I also have my 16 year old son and my brother in law here with me. So three of us in a large luxury fifth wheel rv.
    Because i have lived like this for so many years, i was able to save and pay cash for all my stuff. Today i am debt free, and my living overhead is under 400 per month.

    Instead of working two weeks out of the month to pay for a mortage or rent, a half weeks paycheck covers it.

    Housing in my area is minimum 1300 per month whether a mortgage or rent. Apartments mostly the same.

    I don't see me changing how i live anytime soon either, after so many years of doing it, it is normal. I shudder to think if i had to move into a house or apartment.
    I have had some hard times the last two years and believe me, if i had not many years ago changed how i lived and spent money, today i would be sunk. So in effect, the way that i live has saved me.
    I do all of this in Canada by the way, where the winters get real cold.