Sunday, June 19, 2011

Curing Cancer With GERSON THERAPY

if you want to improve your health and get rid of your need to rely on the medical industry who would like to keep you ill, just look up GERSON THERAPY on youtube. I recommend detoxifying using this method. It is basically apple/carrot juice on the hour daily with coffee enemas daily. ...however read up on it for proper protocals before doing it. You will SAVE money on groceries, your family will be healthy, and you will live to 120 years of age. Plus, you will feel great and no longer be supporting Montesanto and other ruthless corporations. With the money you save, you can grow an urban garden and eliminate the need to drive your car to the supermarket. Your children will have lifelong positive health impacts as their bodies are forming their future health impact.

If you can't get the Norwalk juicer, get a Champion one and a press (about 700 total for both).

I don't even want to get you into knowing how messed up the medical corporations are and how invested they are in keeping you unhealthy. Corporations rule. Too bad both political parties will just put someone in power who is a puppet for the corporations.

If you wonder about protein and meat eating issues, just check out THE CHINA STUDY...the most comprehensive study on nutrition ever and its implications on what an economy would look like if everyone ate for their health. (meat,& dairy industries would be wiped out). You can find the book on Amazon. Eating a vegan diet according to this study will also reverse heart disease.

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