Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cutting Back to the Bone During Economic Collapse

I and my wife are also living through the collapse. We have a small business that has been very hard hit by the depression (it's NOT a recession). We live hand to mouth and are barely able to pay the rent, buy food and keep the store open. We fix computers for a living.

We have cut back to a point where I never thought we could go. No Direct TV, no internet (a neighbor lets us leach off their wireless connection), no going to the movies, no house (we rent a very small duplex), no buying new clothes or shoes, no going out to dinner (Taco Bell is now what we consider "eating out"). We eat very simple and have even cut back to only about two meals a day and maybe a snack. No bottled water, no soda, no beer, no nothing!

We shop at the local Salvation Army store now. Most of the stuff is way to expensive for us to afford, but some of the clothing is affordable.

Even though we live VERY simply and use as little electricity as we can, the electric bill is close to $100 every month and believe me, it is hard to pay it.

I can understand why people are living without electricity.

Can you tell me, is anyone in Southern California talking about doing anything to turn this around? Everyone up here in Northern California is complaining, but no-one wants to actually DO anything except complain.

I think we should be marching on every City Hall in America DEMANDING that they close our ports, stop accepting the goods from China and PUT AMERICANS BACK TO WORK!

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