Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Men Feel Deep Shame in a Fruitless Job Search

Hi George! It is a pleasure subscribing to your tube channel. You have lifted my spirits. I've been so down these last couple of days. I've been so depressed. To be honest with you I hate this world and everyone in it. As I write to you,my eyes are tearing up Im hurting. I know people have worst problems than me. But I feel like I cant handle it nomore. The only thing keeping me alive are my kids. They need me. I wanna do so much for them but it always seems like im almost there to reach my goal but always something happens. i just lost my job as a supervisor. I got "LAIDOFF" as he says. I knew I got fired. I got fired for letting an employee know that the project needed to be done. The employee worked there since a teenager. I guess she took it so offensively that she went crying to her mom,wich she also works there. Then her mom went complaining to my boss saying diffrent things that I supposely said. I got fired for making sure the employee did not steel the companies hours. I just found out,that the mom told my boss if he doesnt get rid of me,she was going to put her 2 weeks in. She has been working there for yrs an yrs. So they listen to her. I felt so bretrayed. Ive worked there for 4yrs and never got a raise. I had to put alot with theirs sons....Bunch of spoiled daddys boys bratz. If it was their fault,theyd put the blame on me. I really thought I was going somewhere in that company. I stood strong for my kids and wife. I never gave up. But I left like they just took my dreams away from me,like they took the food out of my kids mouth. I was ashamed,i didnt want to return home and tell my kids and wife that daddy just got fired. My boss didnt give me no explanation why he was letting me go. But I had an idea......I keep asking myself,WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE RICH?? Do I have to be an asshole TO PEOPLE AND MAKE IT?? tHEY MADE ME FEEL LIKE HERE IS THIS DUMB LATINO...THEY HAD NO RESPECT FOR ME. Im starting to see dark,my vision towards the world is not the same nomore. I just need some advice...Im a Artist and I love fishing,painting,drawing and all that cool stuff. I made a couple of videos. But it seems like my ideas are 2 short. I just need someone to talk to....I have no one... I cant talk to my wife couse I dont want her to stress,she is pregnant. I just keep bottleling everything and Im afraid that someday I might explode. Thanks and please get back to me. GOD BLESS YOU!

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