Saturday, December 31, 2011

MGTOW. Pros and cons of Marriage

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  1. So True, So True! There is absolutly no benfits for men
    in marriage - I know this story first hand!
    Don't knock-em up either,unscubulas women&girls(I'm 18)
    stop or don't use birth control just to get pregant in
    order to collect on your SS account.
    Here are the Best precautions not to get trapped!
    1 Never let them bring any clothes to your place.
    2 Never give them your keys to anything.
    3 Never give them your cash/credit cards.
    4 Never ever take them to your haunts.
    5 Don't get jelous/mad if your buddy F*#$ them,
    in most cases it's the whore that instagated first!
    6 This is the "Get out of going to jail card"
    get a vesectomy - you will here these words out of
    her mouth won day, " Baby I'm late,I took a test and
    I'm pregant - your going to be Daddy!"
    Now if your fish ain't in the stream,you know she been
    dining else where- to bad for that other smuck!