Saturday, December 17, 2011

No Presents For Christmas, G4T Update

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  1. Hi, caught your story awhile back and was impressed because I too have been gang stalked and more, out of my new home, so their buddies could get it cheap; loosing money I moved, and the Sheriff and his cops called down to my new town and its being done to me again. As a widow, a woman alone, w/pets, I wasn't here 1 day and they began using their DOD buds against me. Its home grown terrorism right here because Sheriffs were given too much non-oversight power with the corrupt dod buds. I'm lissakr11 on ut if you wish to my story and many others. Its a form of sick harassment to women in the US to get their homes cheap, and label them unworthy of living in their societies. I'm looking to join with feds who get what's going on. Thanks.